Welcome to Fix My Pool Brisbane

Fix My Pool was born from a genuine desire to help Pool owners through the difficult task of cleaning up a swimming pool.

After many years of seeing the mismanagement from Pool shops and the effects that has on Pool owners, Fix My Pool has assembled a small dedicated team of professional, highly skilled technicians who specialise in green Pool recovery, filtration issues and system upgrades.

If you are reading this, then no doubt you are a Pool owner or know someone who is.

Most likely, you have experienced the extreme frustration, cost and confusing information surrounding Pool ownership and the maintenance they command.

At Fix My Pool, our main goal is to alleviate this stress and remove some of the myths about swimming pools, filtration and water chemistry.

Our team of technicians with nearly 20 years experience can diagnose issues, offer accurate solution based advice designed specifically for your Pool, its usage loads and specific environment.

We offer very competitive prices on all pool equipment including pumps, salt chlorinators, filters and cleaners.

Packaged maintenance deals can also be arranged to suit your pool saving you money.


If you find a cheaper written installed price on pumps, filters or salt chlorinators, we will beat it by 10%
( may exclude some online products)


* Will call the day before
* Service Updates
* Test Results
* On-time Technicians
* Best Price


All our technicians have extensive on-site training and are qualified to handle all your questions and concerns.

Why Choose Fix My Pool Brisbane?

  • Industry trained technicians

  • Expert troubleshooting

  • Honest, accurate advice

  • Custom, low-cost scheduled servicing

  • Specifically designed maintenance packages

  • High quality workmanship and attention to detail

  • Effective communication and regular project updates

  • On time, every time

  • Thorough back up service

  • Satisfaction guarantee policy

  • Customised filtration packages to suit Pool size and budget

  • Price beat guarantee

“I was not happy with my last pool provider and started one year ago to look for another one. Fix My Pool was recommended to me by the local hardware owner. I am happy I found a local business I can ring when I have a problem in between services. Fix My Pool always send me a message alerting me about the day they come. The pool looks good and I trust them. They also advised me to purchase a more modern and economical pump. I would recommend Fix My Pool to anyone”

What You Need To Consider Before Choosing A Pool Recovery Company

There a few crucial questions your should ask yourself before you trust anyone to recover your green Pool or engage them to maintain your valuable swimming pool.

Do they know what they are doing? We do
Do they have at least 15 years onsite experience? We do
Do they give you an all inclusive upfront pricing? We do
Do they always notify you the day before arrival? We do
Do they ask you how you would prefer to be contacted? We do
Do they give updates regarding the progress of your Pool ? We do
Do they let you know if they can’t make it? We do
Do they give you the very best price on Pool equipment? We do
Do they only add ‘necessary ‘ chemicals to your pool ? We do
Do they offer fixed price servicing? We do
Do they really care about the turn around time of your green pool? We do
Do they add the right amount of the right chemicals at the right time? We do
Can they give you the right advice regarding your pool ? We can



Fix My Pool supply and recommend only Quality Australian-made Pool Products

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