Pool Maintenance

Pool maintenance costs can be confusing and can vary largely in price.

Have you ever walked out of a pool shop ( a few hundred dollars poorer) with a hand full of chemicals only to look at the pool a week later and it’s no better? Why?

There is usually three main reason this occurs.

  • The information supplied to you from the shop was incorrect for your situation. ( e.g adding a
    flocculant after you have added an algaecide)
  • The chemicals supplied were either the wrong chemicals or incorrect quantities.
  • There is an on-site issue which is not being addressed correctly . ( e.g equipment failure)

The amount of maintenance a pool in south east Queensland requires is also dependent on a few factors.

  • The location of the pool ( if it’s surrounded by trees it will mean higher maintenance)
  • The size of the pool. For obvious reasons larger pools require more filtration, chemicals and as a general rule, more attention.
  • The quality of the pools filtration. Old style ‘chlorine’ pools by far are the most difficult to maintain a clean and balanced water chemistry. Salt pools on the other hand are the easiest to maintain.
  • How often the pool owner checks the Pool.

The Type of Service you need for your Pool:

The ‘standard’ frequency for pool maintenance is monthly visits.

At FIX MY POOL we suggest every three weeks or for some pools fortnightly servicing is needed to keep them healthy the whole year round. Now that may sound like it would be expensive, but consider how easy it is to spend $300 or more at a pool shop. That’s quite a few Pool services!!!

Some pools may need a full service certain times of the year and then test and balance only service later through the year. ( saving you money)

FIX MY POOL are flexible with servicing. You can change the frequency to suit your needs as we have no lock-in contracts. Also after a while you may attempt to maintain your pool yourself. After that we are always here for advice.

Before we quote on a maintenance package for your Pool we suggest either a site inspection or photos detailing the pool itself and the filtration. This way we can accurately determine the ideal frequency requirements for your situation.

If you are still uncertain about the type of pool maintenance you need , please see our FAQ section.

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